Bremenn 6 in 1 skin cream review

Recently, I have been trying out a new skin product called, Bremenn 6 in 1 Skin cream.  It is also known as the 6 in 1 “miracle” cream because it boasts to be a, “single-stop wrinkle-fighting, firming, smoothing, toning, brightening, and moisturizing treatment” all rolled into one.  The cream is designed for younger skin, ages 20-40, which is unique and smart.  I know that skincare is a huge part of my beauty routine and many young women want and need a product designed for the pre-menopausal woman.

I did have some issues with this product right off the bat though.  Firstly, when I fork over $50 bucks for a miracle cream, I expect it to at least provide me with basic protection.  However, a key protector is missing, sunscreen.  This is not an SPF product and I was a little disappointed in that because SPF is absolutely vital in young and healthy skin.  But, I guess “7 in 1″ miracle cream didn’t sound as good. Luckily, I always use primers and foundations with at least an SPF 15 protection so, I let it slide.

As far as moisturization goes, this will have to be left up to the individual.  I know that many users of this product have been disappointed that their skin didn’t feel moisturized and there was still a, “tightness” to the skin after application.  However, this product is not solely a moisturizer.  It contains ingredients that rebuild and firm skin proteins so, that firmness may be a good thing- it means its doing its job!  Also, I have applied this cream to my chapped winter lips to see what would happen and, my lips plumped up and instantly, yes instantly, felt smoother.  They didn’t feel wet, but there was a noticeable improvement in the overall appearance and texture.

The most significant result I have experienced using this cream is its brightening factor.  Once applied, there is a visible brightness and vibrancy to my skin that wasn’t there before.  I believe that this effect is the strongest and best of the six uses of this product.  Is it enough to make a purchase worth it? For me, not really.  I’d save up some Sephora points or wait for a big sale before getting this product at full price.  It definitely provides results but, I wouldn’t exactly call it a “miracle cream.”



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  1. Katheryn Lopes says:

    Your review of this product was very helpful, I was thinking the same thing, no SPF? I love Clarins tinted mosturizer during the summer, the bottle lasts for 6 months!, but it’s not enough coverage and hydration during the winter. Nice job with the duplication of your mom’s makeup look! I can never get liquid liner that perfect! Nice to meet you!

    • lashgirl says:

      Hi Katheryn! Thank you for your kind comment! I am sorry I did not get around to replying until now, so many comments come in and you would not believe how much spam gets sifted through to get to the good stuff! I appreciate you stopping by my blog and I sincerely hope that you are still a reader!


  2. Candace Coeyman says:

    I found Mr. Stork

  3. Michelle S says:

    I found Mr. Stork! :)

  4. Kristy B. says:

    I found Mr. Stork! Whoo, missed him on my phone last night. Thank you. This was fun, and challenging.

  5. bethany l. says:

    I found Mr. Stork!!!! ♡

  6. Isis Argumedo says:

    I found mr. stork!

  7. I found Mr Stork!!!!!

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