Cure cracked heels with Lanolin

One of the toughest beauty issues that women face are cracked and callused feet.  Often times, our cutest pumps, shoes, and sandals are killer on our feet and constant maintenance is needed to maintain healthy skin. 

 Our heels are the most used part of our bodies and they can become cracked and painful, aside from being plain ugly!  Many factors contribute to this painful dilemma:  Weight gain puts more pressure on your feet, Standing at work or home for long peoiods of time daily, sports like cycling, or just wearing the wrong types of shoes such as flip flops.  When the skin on our feet and especially heels are not supple, the pressure on the heels causes cracks, callus, and peeling to occur.

So, I got to thinking.  What have I not used that could better help keep my heels conditioned, and also heal cracks in the fastest amount of time? Then, I had a breastfeeding flashback.  My son had an unusual latch and my nipples were always sore the first month of breastfeeding.  Luckily, I used plenty of Lansinoh brand lanolin and I avoided cracking and was able to heal small cuts around the nipple very quickly. So, why couldn’t I use the same “wet healing” method on my feet to heal and condition the skin just as it is used to condition the breasts of breastfeeding mothers?

For the best results possible, the lanolin must be applied day and night.  In the morning, I apply Lansinoh brand lanolin to my callused areas and heels.  Then, I wear white cotton socks and wear a tightly laced running shoe.  The sneaker is vital to the daytime healing because you want to ensure that your cracks are squeezed together and your heel is supported.  The friction of going about your daily activities should allow enough rubbing to infuse the lanolin into the damaged skin.  At the end of the day, remove socks and inspect the area. Don’t be surprised if flakes of skin fall out of your sock, this is a sign that the lanolin is doing its job.  The torn skin should be softening and sloughing off even after morning one.  You will want to wash your feet because the lanolin does not smell the best.  Try adding a little lemon juice to a foot bath or a shallow tub of warm water.  The lemon juice will aid in the breakdown of callus and rough skin.

In the evening, before bed, apply the lanolin again and cover with cotton socks before sleeping.  This will double the healing time and thus, speed the process to getting those smooth and healthy looking feet.  Remember, this is a process.  The more cracks you have, the longer it will take and the more you will have to deal with the tenderness of damaged areas.  If you have deep cracks where callus has grown over the crack, these sensitive areas will be revealed and will need time to heal.  Don’t forget to wear sneakers to help push these cracks together and wrap your heel tightly with a cotton gauze if need be.

The reason I like to use Lansinoh brand laolin is that this brand of lanolin has been used in the wet healing of sore and cracked nipples for decades.  This is the purest, hospital grade lanolin that you can find and it is vital in helping your skin both heal itself and retain its own internal moisture.  If it is safe enough to let a newborn swallow, it is safe enough to have this stuff on your skin daily.

I hope this information will help you to begin the healing process.  Try it now in the winter months when you don’t really wear those open heeled shoes and you can afford to wear more sneakers.  By Summertime, your feet should be soft, sexy, and ready for sandals!

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3 Responses to Cure cracked heels with Lanolin

  1. Kerry Meyer says:

    Awesome article Sarah! I REALLY need to try this as you know I’ve complained about this problem before. Thanks for the good read!

    • lashgirl says:

      I’m glad you liked it! Remember, this works fast so, it may be a painful process at first as your calluses slough off and the cracks beneath are exposed. Keep the raw skin clean to prevent infection and don’t forget to wrap them if you need to. Good luck and, I hope your heels heal beautifully!

  2. I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

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