Get Glowing Skin for Summer with Spa Sonic Skincare System


June is Acne awareness month and I’ve got a great tool to share with you to make sure that your skin stays supple, healthy, silky smooth, and blemish-free!  I recently got the opportunity to test and review the Spa Sonic Skincare system and I am absolutely impressed and hooked for life.

Product Claims: The Spa Sonic Skin Care System comes with 1 face-and-body polisher unit you can attach to a host of brushes. You get 2 small brush heads for use on your face. The body brush and pumice stone attachments effectively remove dead skin. This Spa Sonic face and body polisher comes with a microdermabrasion sponge attachment to remove fine lines. It also helps in tightening the pores on your skin and reduces dark spots. This facial cleansing system helps in better absorption of your skin care products with its dermal penetration action. It’s safe for use on any skin type. This skin cleansing system is waterproof so you can use it in your shower or at the sink.

My Verdict: This product is true to it’s claims and so much more.  Yes, there are definitely more costly systems out there that you could spend your money on but why waste your hard earned bucks on something that works no better that this amazing drugstore version?

After my very first use, I noticed positive changes in the texture, tone, and appearance of my skin.  I even added a little of my favorite exfoliating gel to the brush and it felt wonderful, like the best in-home facial I have ever had.  Have a look at my before and after photos and decide for yourself, the difference is clear- after using Spa Sonic my skin-tone looks more even, the circulation in my face is greatly improved, and small bumps due to clogged pores are gone or greatly diminished.


Yes, Spa Sonic works great on the face but, it also works wonders on dry feet and problem areas on the body.  Use the pumice stone to smooth your heels for sandal season or, get smooth and swimsuit ready by using the body polishing brush.  Two problem areas that Spa Sonic is perfect for are the upper arms and shoulders where that annoying “chicken skin” is usually found and the underarms, where annoying lines and darkness usually lurks.  A few weeks of using Spa Sonic, and you will have the pits of a deodorant commercial model!  Long story short, I LOVE Spa Sonic and you will too!

Get this $60 set at Target TODAY for $38!!
Get this $60 set at Walgreens NOW for $49.99!!

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3 Responses to Get Glowing Skin for Summer with Spa Sonic Skincare System

  1. Kerry Meyer says:

    Love this review! I am going to get this to try on my daughter and myself!

  2. Ashtin says:

    Alright…. I couldn’t resist the Target deal coupled with your raving review; I bought a Spa Sonic last night! I’m excited to try it out and to see what it will do for my skin. The product reviews on were impressive too… this has to be a winner! Thanks, lovey Lash!

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