Elle Naturals Review: The Best Dang Lip Balm in Texas

Howdy Lashionistas! You all know that I love sharing my favorite products and this time, I am super duper excited to tell you about Elle Naturals Lip Balm.  Yes, I am a little biased toward this Natural Balm company based in the heart of Austin, Texas but, stick around, read my review, and see if you don’t have a hankerin’ to try Elle Naturals at the end of this review!


Ingredients: Elle Naturals Lip Balms are some of the most simple, pure, and healthy balms you will ever come across.  A quick look at the ingredients proves this: Sweet Almond oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, and no fillers or harsh irritants.  Better still, they contain just what they say they do.  For instance, the Green Tea Butter Balms contain a generous amount of Green Tea Leaf- imagine that!

Quality: Elle Naturals does not mass produce it’s products.  Instead, these lip balms are made in small batches that are carefully tested to ensure the highest quality product.

Greed-Free: Say what?  That’s right, Elle Naturals is a company that is dedicated to making an amazing, natural, and safe product without charging you an insane amount for the quality.  In fact, Elle Naturals does not charge shipping

 Variety: From plain old Shea Butter to Mango Butter with Lime to Coffee Butter French Vanilla, Elle Naturals provides a nice variety of flavors to suit every preference.


I was sent a wonderful variety of balms from the company to slather over my kisser and test out.  Every different balm has it’s own unique and distinguishable scent and subtle taste so, if you have a smell or taste preference- there is something for everyone and you won’t be getting some generic version of what the name says.  You will get a true representation of what the label says because the ingredients are so true to the names.

 Verdict: Yes, these are yummy, natural, and affordable but they are also just a really good lip balm.  If your lips are chapped and in need of some TLC, this is the perfect product to keep with you in your purse, diaper bag, night-stand drawer, or car.  I use mine everyday plus, I have one in my hospital bag to keep my kisser moisturized through all the heavy breathing and beyond.  Elle Naturals Lip Balm is most definitely Lash Girl Approved!


What do you think Lashionistas?  Will you Give Elle Naturals Lip Balm a shot and, if so, which flavor would you try first?


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2 Responses to Elle Naturals Review: The Best Dang Lip Balm in Texas

  1. Beatrice Kappeli says:

    Nice! I have never heard of this brand. But i always love a good chapstick that is very moisturizing, and to top it off all natural! Perfect!: ) i would definitely give them a try. The first ones that attract me most to try are the shea butter original, and green tea with lemon. Thanks for sharing sarah!: ).
    “Happy Delivery Day!”

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