Womby Wednesday: 2 Weeks Left!

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Only 2 weeks left of pregnancy to go, Lashionistas! This means that unless my little man decides to make an early appearance, my last Womby Wednesday will fall on my actual induction date- should be exciting…perhaps traumatic?

I have a lot on my mind when it comes to adding a new baby to my family.  I guess a lot of it just has to do with hormones but, I can’t help it! Last Friday was pretty hard for me.  My doctor informed me that I was GBS (Group B Strep) positive.  And, while he did not seem worried for me, the way he explained that it was dangerous for the baby and that I would need antibiotics on my delivery date to just reduce the chances of passing it on scared me.  As well, baby boy will have to stay in the hospital for at least 2 days for observation.  Granted, I may have been GBS positive when I gave birth to my older son, A.J. but, they did not test routinely for it at my doctor’s office at the time I was pregnant with him.  I do take a little comfort in the fact that A.J. came out fine without me being on antibiotics but, I wish I could see 14 days into the future just to be sure.

I am trying to nest as much as I can but, it is a real struggle for me.  I am not the kind of mom who gets that uncontrollable urge to clean, purge, and organize before the birth.  It’s a challenge for me when I’m NOT pregnant but I am putting forth an effort.  I have washed all the baby’s clothes and separated them by size.  Likewise, all the bottles, teethers, toys, and pacifiers are sanitized and ready for baby.  I also have packed my suitcase for my hubby and I as well as a diaper bag filled with snacks so that my hubby will have to leave me alone as little as possible during our stay.  Yet, I still feel like there are a million more things for me to do and I know I will still find more once the baby is here.  I guess my goal in all the clean-up is to make it as easy as possible on whoever is helping me with the baby while I recover from the birth.

There are some little things that cheer me up along the way because, as much as I try to stay positive, I do get the blues quite often.  Here is my list of baby stuff that makes me smile:

  • Looking at baby socks.  They are SO teeny tiny!
  • Entering Mommy/Baby Giveaways.  The thought of winning something useful is a temporary pick-me-up.
  • Looking at photos of my older son when he was a baby- those days fly by so fast, it will be nice to have an infant in the house one last time.
  • Indulging my pregnant lady cravings.  Peanut butter with Raspberry preserves, Pad Woonsen, Chocolate covered sunflower seeds,  and anything with broccoli all make the cut!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of Womby Wednesday Lashionistas! What are your thoughts? I’d love to read what you have to say!


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16 Responses to Womby Wednesday: 2 Weeks Left!

  1. Wendy says:

    Ah!!! Can’t believe only 2 weeks left!! Baby Boy will be here exactly one week after my birthday (if not earlier *knock on wood*). Can you believe that I was not really in nesting mood until the day before I gave birth to little Logan?! That night I was washing, cleaning, etc because I had the urge to and he decided to come a week early! Everything will be fine and he will a healthy baby boy <3

    • lashgirl says:

      LOL I am a notorious procrastinator but that is just funny that he came the day after you started nesting! Your mind and body obviously knew something you didn’t. :)

      Thanks for the support Wendy, a healthy baby boy is all I ask for, I just need to get through these next few weeks and hopefully all will turn out fine! Happy Early Birthday Amiga! A.J.’s birthday is on the 6th and Mia’s is on the 19th so, May will be full of birth and birthdays! :P

  2. I think I had GBS, or atleast something like that. I had something around 2/3 weeks before my due date, even when it was treated to be safe they gave me an IV, it didnt hurt, well for me. Needles dont bug me and I had more blood work done then the normal pregnant lady, cause I went in late cause I didnt know I was til 3 months then afraid to tell my parents, lol. I went in at like 28 weeks and still had alot of blood work. All cause i had iron issues which I ended with anemia which I just needed iron pills thanks to my daughter, lol, but they akso had trouble getting my vein I usually had 3 doctor or nurses try in atleast 3 different spots each, lol. So that IV that went from my left arm near my elbow 3 times, right arm 4 times which ended up in my left wrist, like not where my arm and hand meet per say like an inch and a half away, lol. Didn’t feel it, maybe cause I was in labor which is distracting, lol. I got the antibiotics through the IV, when I got to the hospital 5 hours after my labor started, lol, then had my daughter 10/11 hours later, she was perfectly healthy and everything! <3 Though I didn't get to hold her right after she came out cause she had to be cleaned cause she pooped, which they noticed when the lady broke my water. Though seeing my mums face when they asked if she wanted to cut the cord was priceless and made up the fact that she had to be cleaned up right away, lol.

    • lashgirl says:

      Ugh, isn’t childbirth the most hectic thing ever?? My first son’s birth seems like such a whirlwind but I wasn’t afraid at all the first time. Now that I have to do it again 4 years later, I am a little terrified because I remember everything that went along with it.

      Thank you for the re-assurance though, I’m glad your baby girl was alright and there weren’t too many complications- all I can do is hope for a healthy and happy baby boy and, if not, ask for the strength to get through whatever comes!


  3. Justina says:

    GBS is SO not a big deal at all! They explained to me that I had it and I flipped out and wouldn’t leave until they did a better job explaining it. Basically there are a bazillion bacteria in your poo and none are in any way harmful to your baby except for the one called GBS. Really all they have to do is hook you up to an IV of penicillin when you’re about to give birth, and you won’t pass it along to your child. Something like 1 in 12 women have the bacteria, and it’s really no biggie at all. In fact, I used it to my advantage. They wanted to send me home to have contractions there for a while, but when they read my charts that I had GBS, they decided that if I had to be rushed back in later if I farther along in my labor, that they may not have the time to hook me up to penicillin later…so I got to stay at the hospital and give birth. Don’t let it upset you! Just remember there are thousands of babies born every year in a hospital and 1 in 12 women have GBS- for the doctors and nurses you are just another day at the office. You’ll be just fine!

    • lashgirl says:

      Thanks for your support Justina and I sincerely hope you are right. Unfortunately, I fall into a high risk category of GBS because of certain symptoms I’ve had throughout my pregnancy so, it is hard for me NOT to worry about it. Obviously when it comes to the safety of your baby, every mommy is a worrier so, hopefully everything will turn out fine like you said and I can put all the stress and fears behind me quickly! :)

      I love hearing about everyone’s birth experiences though, it is helpful to remember that many of us have gone through the same things and made it through OK. You gals are awesome!


  4. Salochana Naidoo says:

    All the best, Sarah! You’ve been through it already, so you know the drill! :D

  5. Candace Coeyman says:

    Happy Delivery Day!

  6. Beatrice Kappeli says:

    Aaww my Sarita, jaja i truly do hope everything goes well. I am not yet a mother, and dont plan to until i finsh collage, but i van definitely understan the worry you have of not having a healthy baby. The only advice i can give you is to definitely ask questions! Questions, questions, question! Never be with the doubt of something thays what the doctors are here for, even though some can be jackasses!, but anyway this will help you have a better understanding of things and make it a bit easier on you. I hope the GBS wont complicate anythingunderstanding or pass on to ypur

    • Beatrice Kappeli says:

      Stupid phone cut me off. Ignore the second (understanding). But as i was saying,
      I hope it doesnt complicate anything and pass on to your baby. I will definitely pray for you and hope that everything goes well. Good luck sarah, and take care. Luv ya!: )
      “Happy Delivery Day!” : )

      • lashgirl says:

        Thank you so much for the support Beatrice! It’s hard to know who to believe or how to feel about something that is pretty much left up to chance. I am trying to take things one day at a time and hopefully when D-day does arrive, things will go smooth and I will have a perfect baby boy to show for it! :)

        Hugs Amiga! Good luck to you!

  7. Lindsay says:

    Happy delivery day and yay for babies !!! Sarah I have no doubt that everything will be wonderful for you on that special day ! With my son 6 years ago I was in the same boat as you having to be on antibiotics to prevent getting baby sick but my whole pregnancy and labor was a “whirlwind” as you said it seemed so easy even though I was at Risk and everything i was not scared at all! Now nearly seven years later after just having my second baby I can honestly say it was just like what your going thru I was terrified about every little thing my mom told me that I was going crazy cause all I did was think about what ifs and worry !! So hopefully I can help you be a little more at ease by telling you everything went fine probably more so then my first labor Lol with my son I was in labor for 25 hrs before they said we have to go in and get baby via c section and this time my water broke and about 6 hrs later I was already kissing my baby girls beautiful head!! So I pray for you that your delivery goes just as good as before and you have a beautiful healthy baby boy so good luck and congratulations babies make everything worth it in the end :)

    • lashgirl says:

      Thank you so much for sharing that with me Lindsay- As the day draws closer, I am more and more nervous, partly because I know what is going to happen this time. I can honestly say that I was blissfully ignorant the first time around and now I am all in knots over everything!
      Your well wishes, prayers, and support are so very appreciated and it is overwhelming how kind and re-assuring you ladies are. I know that we all share the same hopes and fears when it comes to these big life events and I hope you know that I am with you all the way too!

      I seriously have the best readers in the world and I am so lucky to have these stories and comments to reflect on, to draw courage from, you and all of my lashionistas are so strong and inspirational! Thank you again, I appreciate you sharing your personal experiences with me!


  8. Ellen says:

    Happy Delivery Day!!

  9. Lindsey Flor says:

    Happy Delivery Day! — It must be kind of nice to know the day you will get to meet your new baby! :)

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