Bulu Box Review: April 2013 Weightloss

Hi Lashionistas!  I recently decided to give the weight-loss Bulu Box a try so I could get a better game-plan together once the baby is out and the extra pounds are still on.  If you don’t know, BuluBox is a monthly subscription program that provides you with vitamins, weightloss, and healthy living samples.  There are even a few beauty goodies thrown in from time to time as you will see.  The plan is $10 a month but, with every box you receive, you can earn up to $6 in credit to use on full sized products or even a Bulu Subscription!

Use Code: FIRSTFREE to get your first Bulu Box for free!

Here is what arrived for me in my very first box:


  1.  Real Food Barre: A guilt-free snack created by dancers to help you replenish your energy. Made with all natural ingredients. $27.48/12 Bars
  2. 30 min HIIT Series Work-out DVD: a high intensity interval training cardio work-out featuring Fitness Pro Chris Feytag. $22.95 for Full 7 DVD set
  3. EBoost Natural Energy: A Sugar-free energy mix with a boost of vitamins for immunity health. $25.50/20 packs
  4. ONNIT Shroom Tech Sport: Natural crash-free energy supplements to help you burn more calories and shed more lbs. $24.95/30 Capsules
  5. Dr. Denese Glow Younger Self Tanning Glove: A Self tanning glove to give you a natural-looking tan without any odor or stickiness. $42.00/12 Gloves
  6. Click Protein: Two shots of espresso beefed up with protein and 23 essential vitamins and minerals. $22.99/16oz Canister

Overall, I am extremely happy with my first Bulu Box and even more happy that I will get a discount off of my subscription!  I am going to save the energy items for my husband for those late-nights with the new baby and the workout DVD, Tanning Glove, and Barre snack are mine!

What do you think of Bulu Box Lashionistas? Will you give it a try?


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*This post has been edited and corrected for accuracy of information*

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4 Responses to Bulu Box Review: April 2013 Weightloss

  1. Just signed up for my free box. C: If I like it I’ll continue if I have the money to give my dad. I don’t have a credit card, lol. Almost a year post and I technically only lost 4 to 5 pounds.. I lost around 30 but I battled a depression back when she was a new born or so so I ate alot… But I’m out of that and ready to lose all this weight! :D

    • lashgirl says:

      Good Luck! Bulu seems like a good way to test a lot of different methods and see what really works for you. Plus, you can use your points towards discounts off full sized items like healthy snacks! Yum!

  2. Vic says:

    I got this month’s box, my first ever, and was completely underwhelmed. And mine didn’t have the espresso shots. Would’ve loved to try those. There’s not one thing I’d want to try in it. Though I will. Felt like I completely wasted my money.

    • lashgirl says:

      I got my first box for free with a promotion. Too bad that you didn’t like your box- I’ll take it if you don’t want it! I know my husband will be grateful for any extra energy boosts he can get in the coming months! :)

      Hope next month is better for you if you stay on with the program!

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