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Cute Insert in my First Graze Box!



Handy cut-outs for Gifting or claiming dibs!

I am 8 months pregnant now and the more anxious I get over the delivery, the hungrier I seem to get too.  I’ll be the first to admit that I am a stress eater.

Since this pregnancy has been decidedly difficult for me, I have to say that I have indulged one too many times in Baskin Robbin’s “World Class Chocolate” or a bit too much leftover Easter Candy (Why did Mr. Bunny have to be SO generous this year?).

This is why I first became interested in’s Nibble Box.  It is a $5 a box subscription program that will deliver a box of 4 assorted nibbles to your door weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  Better still, the portions are all reasonable and the options are healthy.  This program is still brand new so, you must have a special code to sign up which entitles you to a free box for being one of the first to try Graze.  I was lucky enough to snag a working code from a kind person on the Graze Facebook Page and thus began my nibbling adventure!

Take a gander at my yummy first box:


I shared my box of nibbles with my hubby while we snuggled in for a movie at home.  However, if you are the type that likes to smuggle snacks into the theater, this little kit is exceptionally convenient…just sayin’.

I took photos of the tasty snacks and notes on our reactions to the nibbles as we got our “om nom nom” on.


Left: BBQ Pistachios and Cheddar Gorge
Right: Chocolate Orange Granola and Marvellous Macaroons

 First up was BBQ Pistachios:


When I first opened the pack of BBQ Pistachios the smell swept over me   like a delicious edible cloud.

The nuts were very nicely spiced and I liked the fact that they left the pistachios in the shell to slow down the pace at which we indulged our night-time snackfulness.

This was my hubby’s favorite nibble out of the entire box.  He is somewhat of a Pistachio  connoisseur  so bravo, Graze, for satisfying his discriminating, pistachio-loving buds.  I think the baby enjoyed it too because I could feel him wiggle while I nibbled.

Second, the Chocolate Orange Granola:


This too was a very fragrant container.  It smells very strong of Orange because of the orange infused raisins.  Yet, everything in the box is so nicely sealed, I could not smell any mingling odors when I opened up my box, only when I opened up the packages.  I enjoyed this mix of granola seeds, blanched almonds, dark chocolate drops and orange infused raisins but it tasted a little, “too healthy” for my husband.  He prefers something a bit more savory which led us to our next selection.

Third, Cheddar Gorge:


Umm…something seems to have happened to my photo…*nervous laughter.*  OK, OK you caught me.  I lost myself in the goodness of it all and forgot to photograph Cheddar Gorge before I, well, “gorged” myself.  This nibble was quite good though and included cheese cashews, baked herb bites and salsa corn sticks.  My least favorite part of the mix was the potency of the baked herb bites which were like little, spiced, crunchy biscuits.  They were a little strong for my taste.  However, the Salsa Corn Sticks are magnifique!

Fourth and Final Nibble, Marvellous Macaroons:


Yes, the word marvelous is spelled wrong on the packaging with the addition of an “l” but, one taste of this coconut concoction will stifle even the pickiest grammar troll within.  This sweet treat includes amaretti drops, almond slices, coconut flakes and white chocolate buttons.  Hubby and I both agreed that the combo was delicious.  Despite the fact that neither of us cares much for coconut, we chowed down on this confection and enjoyed every last crumb in the container!

I truly loved my first Graze Box and cannot wait to share my thoughts on my second box with you all! The price is reasonable, especially since your first 5 boxes only end up costing you $15 and if you can snag a code, I hope you are as happy with your first nibble box as I was.

I leave you with the evidence of a Nibble Box well enjoyed:



**If you want to try Graze, head on over to their Facebook page, Like, and share a link to this post under one of their photos or posts, and tell them Lash Girl made Graze look so irresistible that your tummy is grumbling to try it out! Tag LashGirl in your comment and I will choose one lucky Lashionista to use my invite code to try your first free box!  Follow @LashGirlMe,  Tweet about this Giveaway, and leave me a link to your tweet in the comments below for an extra entry.

Winner will be announced on my Facebook Page this Friday (04/12/13) USA only.

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  1. jaime says:

    I liked Graze but I didnt see a place on their FB page where I could comment. :(

  2. Sheryl Edwards says:

    Following as @textiff and tweeted about the giveaway:

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  4. Sonya Parks says:

    Oh this look good for my diet. I will have to give it a try :) Happy Delivery Day!

  5. Ooooh, this box looks yummy! Happy Delivery Day!

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