Show me your frizz contestants

Here are the contenders to win fabulous prizes from Lash Girl, including a grand prize winner who will receive a full sized bottle of Advanced Techniques, Lotus shield, An E.L.F cosmetics prize pack, and a $50 gift card to! There’s still time to enter so, send me your frizzy or fuzzy pics (head only)! Open to North America/Europe/Japan.      Dec. 1st is your deadline to send in your frizzy/teased/nappy/kinky/just plain hairy pics via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, text, or paper airplane!

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6 Responses to Show me your frizz contestants

  1. Ah shucks! We are a family with straight as a ruler hair and no frizz! Believe me, all I wanted growing up was curls. Hope you post up some more awesome contests. Thanks.

  2. Can I still enter the contest or is it too late?

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