Wedding Makeup: Ashtin’s Wedding

When my dear friend Ashtin and I met, we were goofy elementary school kids.  We had sleepovers, silly arguments about what movie to watch next, and played truth or dare.

 Now, 18 years later, I am a married mom of 2 (soon to be 3) and Ashtin is a newly-wed!  I was lucky enough to be given a special role in Ashtin’s wedding: Makeup Artist to the Bride and I was very excited but also very nervous! I mean, this was wedding makeup.  People pay to be photographed for this special day so, the look must be elegant, timeless, and flawless.  To be sure I was up for the challenge, Ashtin came by my place for a practice run.  Have a look at Ashtin bare-faced and then, with her bridal makeup:


As you can see, Ashtin is already a gorgeous gal so, I had a great foundation to work from.  The biggest challenge for me was minimizing the darkness under her eyes yet, keeping the foundation and concealer looking as skin-like as possible.  For this, I used my Crown Brush 10 Color Concealer Palette to custom blend Ashtin’s coverage.  Other than that, the most tedious part of this makeup job was adding in the false eyelashes- which were individuals to ensure the most natural look possible.

When the big day arrived, I was pumped and prepared.  Aside from things running a bit late (when does this NOT happen at a wedding?) I think the makeup job went off without a hitch.  Ashtin did decide not to wear the falsies which was perfectly fine.  I’m sure with emotions running high the last thing she wanted to happen was have a chunk of eyelashes fall onto her cheek with a tear or two!  Here are some images from the big day:

What do you think of my first Bridal Makeup Lashionistas?  Did I pull it off?

Congratulations to Ashtin, my beautiful friend!

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3 Responses to Wedding Makeup: Ashtin’s Wedding

  1. Beatrice Kappeli says:

    Aawww yes you did pull it off! She looks beautifully natural and flawless. You did a great job Sarah. And yes I can imagine how the dark circles could be scary and hard to hide, but at the end you managed to do it, and very well! I think you’re ready for more. Hehe: )

    • lashgirl says:

      Thanks B, what a nice compliment! It’s tough doing makeup for a friend because you don’t want to let them down and you are also afraid that they won’t tell you if they don’t like it. However, I really love the way she looks in the photos- she still looks like herself, which is what you want in a wedding look. Thanks so much for taking a look- maybe I will get to do it again someday! :)

  2. sheena Mariee says:

    Wow she looks absolutely STUNNING! She is a very beautiful girl to begin with but the way you did her makeup just made her beautiful features stand out more! I would pay for you to do my makeup! Well done!
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