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I was recently contacted by the kind folks at (seed) and offered a Healthy Hand Cream for review.  Honestly, I haven’t been responding to many of these types of offers lately because I am in the midst of a pretty tough pregnancy (I mean, either I am carrying that creature from the Alien films and it is about to bust out of my abdomen at any second or there is a pretty hefty little boy in there!).  However, (seed) sparked my interest almost immediately because I am pregnant.  You see, (seed) is a 100% natural skincare line which was designed with the elimination of toxins in a family home in mind.  You can read all about how (seed) was born here.

Call it nesting or call it obsessive but, I’ve been researching a lot of skincare lately with the new baby in mind.  I only want to use the best baby wash, wipes, shampoo, diaper creams, and moisturizers on my newest little guy.  I did have my top picks settled in all the aforementioned categories however, my choice of moisturizer, Paula’s Choice Earth Sourced Moisturizer, was so pricey ($20.95 for a 2 oz supply) I felt uncomfortable stocking up just yet.  This made me leap at the chance to try an all natural, fragrance-free, and affordable moisturizer.

Before I tell you what I think of (seed), take a moment to learn a little about the science of seeds by watching this video:

Now, as most of you know, I am not one to be taken in by a cute production like this.  I need proof, I need facts, I need to turn that bottle around and see just how much truth there is in the claims.  In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have to be so serious about my reviews but, companies nowadays make false claims, use bogus studies, and fill their products with natural ingredients that are known irritants.

The verdict?  Not only is (seed) completely honest in all of their claims, I am officially settled on my choice of baby moisturizer!  This stuff is legit.  Let’s take a closer look at what makes (seed) the perfect choice for you, your child, and everyone you know.


You can find out more about a product in the first ten ingredients than any claim, study, or poll will tell you.  Why?  Because ingredients in products are listed in order of their prevalence in the product.  Sometimes, a company may say it is made with the “Amazing ingredient X” and it is one of the last ingredients listed meaning, there is very little of it at all.  This is not the case with (seed).  They say they are full of antioxidant rich seed oils and are they ever!  An ingredient list like this is something I rarely see- it is true to the claims of the company and it is quite an impressive troop of seeds.   Plus, this formula is fragrance-free which makes it safe and gentle for the most sensitive skin-types…even baby skin!


I cannot sing the praises of this product and this company enough.  It isn’t often that a product or company comes along that you can truly believe in for being safe, honest, and generous.  I say generous because, not only is this product given in a hefty 3.5oz tube but it retails at only $6.99- a steal compared to other brands *ahem…paulaschoice…ahem*.

And, there is an entire line of (seed) products just waiting to be planted all over your body!  Here is my suggestion for the best value:  The (seed) hand scrub with the (seed) hand cream.  Together, they will run you about $17 and will do just as good a job as the Mary Kay Satin Hands set (better in my opinion) which will run you a whopping $34.

I am definitely going to be stocking up on (seed) moisturizers for my entire family and I am so happy to have a new Lash Girl Approved product I can share with my newest little seed.


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  1. Abby Kraynick says:

    I have been wanting to try this, TY for the review.

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  2. Thanks so much for posting. Im all about skin care and good quality products now!

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