Coral Fixation: Rock the season’s hottest shade with Revlon

Although peaches, corals, oranges, and apricots are all the rage during the Summer, I must admit- I’ve been known to rock a coral all year round.  And, with the perfect coral in your arsenal it’s hard not to crave a bright fun lip, nail, or cheek color any time.

For July, H-E-B hooked us up with some absolutely amazing Corals from Revlon and I am so pumped to announce that I am also able to share this amazing set of goodies with TWO of you lashionistas! Check out the loot:

Want to win an AMAZING set of goodies from Revlon like this one? Read on!

  1. Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in “Sizzle”
  2. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in “Siren”
  3. Revlon Nail Enamel in “Siren”
  4. Revlon Colorstay Polish in “Marmalade”
  5. Revlon Top Speed Fast Dry Nail Enamel in “Peachy”
  6. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in “Rendezvous”
  7. Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in “Tuti Frutti”

My favorite items out of the set were definitely the Polish in “Marmalade” which is SO buttery smooth and long lasting as well as the Colorburst Gloss in Sizzle which is extremely rich in color for a gloss but non-sticky and such a lovely vibrant color that can stand alone without lipstick.

For a softer look on the lips, the Balm Stain is the way to go as the pigment is very light and the texture is truly smooth.  Here is an all coral look I came up with using the goodies in this set:

On my lips, “Rendezvous” Balm Stain plus a top coat of the gloss in “Sizzle.”  On my lids and cheeks, I am actually using Rendezvous as both a cream shadow and blush! It gave my skin a lovely sheen and it didn’t crease on my lids. Score for multifunctional products!

WIN an AMAZING set of Coral Goods from H-E-B:

1. Leave me a comment below on this post telling me your favorite way to rock coral makeup.  You may leave one post per day for extra entries!
2. Tweet the following daily for extra entries: “I have a Coral Fixation! Help me @LashGirlMe and @HEB #hebbeauty
3. Giveaway begins today, July 26, 2012 and ends on August 3, 2012.  You must be 18 or older or have parental consent and live in the USA.  Winners will have 48 hrs. to respond via e-mail or I will choose another winner.

Good luck and have fun!

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98 Responses to Coral Fixation: Rock the season’s hottest shade with Revlon

  1. Chelsey says:

    I love wearing coral nail polish or a bright coral lipstick. My toesies always have some bright color on them anyway! :P

  2. Allie says:

    I love wearing corals on my lips! I think the color looks very nice on me :)

  3. Mandy H says:

    I love wearing Coral colored nail polish! :) I’ll rock a matching mani on my nails and toes! I’ve never tried Coral on my lips but would love to!

    • lashgirl says:

      I’m all for matching tips and toes myself and a love a brighter color on my feet for some reason :) These polishes are super cute and easy to apply because of Revlon’s thicker brushes which is a plus! Good luck to win Mandy! XOXO

  4. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I <3 coral on my toes for the summer!!!Thank you for the chance!!

    • lashgirl says:

      Samesies! I’m actually rocking it on my toes right now! You are very welcome and best of luck! Don’t forget to comment daily for more chances to win and to tweet! XOXO

  5. Maria Cobos says:

    I love wearing coral nail polishes but I have been wanting to venture out and rock a coral lip!!

    • lashgirl says:

      Maria, there’s no better time to be daring and try something new! And remember, the balm stain is multi-functional so, rub a little on your cheeks or lids for a lovely natural glow! <3
      Don’t forget to enter daily to increase your chances! XOXO

  6. Tina Marie Colombo says:

    I love corals. I have light olive skin tone and blue eyes, so corals are definitely flattering on me. I like wearing bright coral polish, slightly-darker-than-my-lips coral gloss, and shimmery coral eye shadows (which I think is the best color for blue eyes).

    • lashgirl says:

      This is right up your alley then Tina! You can never have too many hues of your most flattering shade IMO! I hope you get to test these babies out! XOXO
      Enter daily! <3

  7. Vicky Hoang says:

    neutral eyes with a bold coral lip! :]

  8. Julie Her says:

    I love wearing coral nail polish on my toes. It gives it that bright shine. Also wearing neutral makeup and a bronzed face with coral lipstick is gorgeous. I love coral colors for the summer.

    • lashgirl says:

      I completely agree Julie! I also love a light coral on the cheeks even in the winter to warm up the face so, you’ll get a lot of use out of the balm stain for sure! Best of luck to win it all and don’t forget to enter and tweet daily! <3

  9. Kristin M says:

    Nothing prettier than coral polish on tan toes! I think the coral eyeshadow would be a great pop of color for a change!

    • lashgirl says:

      Hahaha Kristin! It’s true, tan toes do take a coral to the next level! :D I hope you win one of these awesome sets and don’t forget to comment and tweet daily doll! XOXO

  10. Melinda says:

    With an arm candy of course! Or a badass pair of shoes. :)

    • lashgirl says:

      Oh Definitely! Coral lips and the perfect Navy/Coral bag is so chic! I think it is very New-Englandy and oh so lovely! :)
      Good luck in the giveaway Melinda! XOXO

  11. Brittany DuMars says:

    I’m not much of a lipstick person but I ABSOLUTELY adore coral. I always push coral on clients at work (Sephora) but I think it looks beautiful one everyone.

  12. Linh says:

    I must say I think I love rocking the coral shirts or coral lipstick and blush. My favorite lipsticks have to be Vegas Volt by mac or Coral Crush by Maybelliene. Plus, in summer I can look semi-normal with bright coral lips.

  13. Deeann Lynch says:

    I wear coral on my nails I love it when my nails are long and I have the right shade I’ve been looking for a good color for my son wedding this sept and I think you found them for me thank you, please enter me again thanks

  14. Denise Huang says:

    I love the nail polish. I want to try the eye shadow and lipstick. It’s nice and bright for summer.

    • lashgirl says:

      Absolutely! And, Orange is always pretty in the Fall as well so you’re set for the next Season as well! ;)
      Thanks for entering nd don’t forget to comment and tweet daily for more chances to win!

  15. Kaci says:

    I am a total sucker for coral nail polish! The perfect color to compliment a summer tan :)

    • lashgirl says:

      Agreed! I love my nails right now, they are so vibrant and delicious like an orange tictac!
      Thanks for entering chica and, don’t forget to come back daily to comment and tweet for more entries! XOXO

  16. Maria Cobos says:

    I love coral shirts too! Which would match perfectly with those coral nail polishes! ;)

  17. cindy mckean says:

    I like Corals on my lips and nails. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  18. cindy mckean says:

    I don’t know if you need it but here is my Tweet link…

  19. CRISTINA says:

    I love coral lips and nails!

  20. ecaterina says:

    i LOVE using corals on my lips and toes!

    • lashgirl says:

      It is such a flattering shade on most skin tones- I’m sure it looks lovely on you! Don’t forget to enter daily and tweet for more chances to win! :)

  21. Kim Meisenzahl says:

    I absolutley <3 LOVE <3 wearing these colors. They do wonders for my skin tone. I get compliments all the time when I wear Corals. Thank you very much for this wonderful give-away. :)

    • lashgirl says:

      You are so sweet and very welcome Kim! Isn’t it gret when others notice how good some shades of makeup look? Compliments are the best!
      Thanks so much for entering and be sure to comment everyday and tweet for more entries! XOXO

  22. Maria Cobos says:

    Thanks for doing the giveaway! I really hope I win :) I love trying new eyelooks and especially using a coral shade. I think corals really compliment so many different skin tones.

    • lashgirl says:

      You’re so welcome! I love everything in the set and there is a perfect hue of coral for everyone in it! Best of luck and remember to enter daily! <3

  23. Britney says:

    I love love love coral , it the perfect shade for anyone with any skin tone , I love rocking a coral lip with a smokey eye , one of my favorite looks :)

  24. Vicky Hoang says:

    Coral on my toes! Oh so cute.

  25. ecaterina says:

    would love to try wearing coral on my eyes

  26. Beatrice says:

    I LOOOVE coral colors and love them on my nails. I would definitely love to have a coral lipstick as i dnt have any, but these colors are amazing! The peachy nail polish also lppks sooo pretty! I really hope i get to win!: )

  27. Vicky Hoang says:

    bold lips :)

  28. I love to wear coral lipstick, it makes my lips pop! and I love to wear coral on my nails!! perfect for summertime!

    • lashgirl says:

      These Sunny colors will definitely brighten your mood in any season! :) Best wishes for the win and don’t forget to comment and tweet daily for more entries! XOXO

  29. Beatrice says:

    I also love it on my toes, im actually going to paint my toe nails a coraly peachy color today! : )

  30. ecaterina says:

    would love to wear this from head to toe

  31. Vicky Hoang says:

    wow! balm stain on your cheeks and eyes? i wanna try that out<3

  32. Allie says:

    I like corals on my lips…BUT I just painted my toes a coral color and painted cupcakes on them! :)

  33. Vicky Hoang says:

    using coral LIGHTLY on my cheeks for blush :)

  34. Beatrice says:

    Cant wait to see who wins i really reaaalllly hope i win one. Its suuuuper rare for me to win something. These colors are just gorgeous and i would love to try them out.

  35. Julie Her says:

    Coral lips are a must for the summer. Goes great with a coral shirt.

  36. Beatrice says:

    Hey i have a question. How are u going to pick the winners i assume randomly but what i mean is, r u going to add everyones name to the amount of times the have commented? Because as u specified in the rules u said one comment daily and some are commenting more than once which doesnt maje it so fair u knw what i mean?

    • lashgirl says:

      Hi Beatrice, great question! I can actually see the dates and times that everyone commented so, I will be counting everyone’s name once per day/date. If I see someones name twice in the same date, I don’t count it- just one time. Does that make sense? nyhow, thanks for being such a loyal poster and I hope you will check out some of my other blog posts as well! XOXO

      • Beatrice says:

        Yes, definitely makes sense. And of course you’re welcome your blog posts are always interesting to me. And thank u for answering i love that!: ) take care girly!

  37. Misty L says:

    Hey Sarah! :) I love rockin’ coral lips, polish or cheeks. It’s such a great color!

  38. Shannon says:

    I love coral blushes as well as a pretty coral eye shadow on the lid (sheered out of course) with a neutral (say a brown or taupe) in the crease with a light beige on the brow bone.

  39. I have always loved coral nail polishes on my naturally “tan” skin. Lately I have been loving coral lipsticks/glosses! Coral shades have totally overtaken my lips. Before my go to was nudes/beiges now I adore coral on my lips! I’ve even been exploring coral shadows. My favorite looks is coral with purple. Very fun!

  40. Maria Cobos says:

    I love to rock coral blushes!! They are my favorite!

  41. Vicky Hoang says:

    i never used coral as an eyeshadow but if i win, i will definitely try it

  42. Beatrice says:

    Coral coral coral. I have a coral fixation help me!. Hahaha

  43. Vicky Hoang says:

    coral is such a pretty color! :) it can be bold or very natural looking. i would wear it on my nails, lips, and eyes!

  44. Vicky Hoang says:

    coral everywhere ! haha maybe an ombre nail design!

  45. Beatrice says:

    Aaa cant wait to see who wins!! I would live to wiiin on set. And it will last me a loooonng time for sure all this coral!: )

  46. Janet D. says:

    I love wearing coral tones in my nails and lips!Revlon Colorstay Polish in Marmalade is gorgeous! xx
    Weekly Giveaway #3

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