Rimmel Challenge 7: Travelling Smart

Summer won’t last forever and everyone is planning out their last little getaway before the air gets nippy once again.  So, for Challenge 7, Rimmel London asked the Rimmel 10 girls to talk about our traveling essentials, fashion, beauty, even a play list!

My family and I love to go on little weekend getaways to lakes and beaches around Texas so, this is a little peek into things I’d be likely to take for 2-3 days worth of day and evening activities.

First, let’s talk fashion.  I’m not a high maintenance gal by any means and I like to pack clothes that I won’t need to iron later and that I can use more than once.  Here’s a sampler of things I might pack on a getaway:

Above you will see 2 tops, a blue dress casual and a plain white tank.  Then, I have an accent piece which is the blue and coral cover.  I also have an airy poly blend dress that won’t wrinkle no matter how badly I fold it, a hot pink swimsuit, and a great pair of comfy denim shorts.  Below, you will see a few of the ways I put these pieces together to make several different outfits to suit most getaway needs.

Above, you will see 4 different looks however, I could have 5 if I wore the white tank alone which is also a great look.  The First look I would wear out to  a nice lunch or even for a night out at a bar/music venue.  The second look is great for a brunch, sightseeing, and shopping.  Third, you will see I have used my denims yet again for before/after getting wet (hey I’m a mom, I have to cover my cheeks!).  Lastly, a great Summer dress with a fun print for a date night or a nice evening out with the family. As you may also notice, I only wore the same two pairs of sandals for all the looks and they can be interchnged to dress up or down certain outfits.  Shoes are the bulkiest items you will bring so, choose wisely and comfortably!

As well, I chose to skip out on all the styling irons, blow dryers and other bulky items and wear a chic bun with everything, which I very much enjoy anyhow.  As well, I kept the makeup simple.  Here’s a close-up:

Obviously, I wouldn’t wear that much eye makeup to the beach but, this is a general makeup look I would use on vaycay because it is simple, fresh, and pretty.  Pink gloss is enough for most days but I do always bring along a bold red lipstick like Lasting Finish shade 01 in case things get romancy! A neutral eye and a little mascara finish off the look and I can also use the lightest shade in my shadow palette “English Rose” as a highlighter to give my skin a lovely glow.

As far as makeup items go, I also like to travel light.  I choose a foundation that is a shade or two darker than I am because I know that I will get a little tan while I’m gone.  A great primer like Rimmel’s Fix and Perfect is great on the hot days when foundation is much too much but you still want a smooth even complexion.  A mascara and liner are always essential for me and when I don’t wear mascara, I will still wear the liner to give my lash-line a thicker look.  Again, English Rose is a great Neutral palette which is multifunctional as a highlighter and the Red Lippie is multifunctional as a blush. Lastly, a pink gloss for a simple sexy shine everyday and some tweezers in case things get too hairy. :)

The makeup wipes go along with me everywhere, its great relief on a hot day for a sweaty forehead and, let’s be real, to freshen stale pits.  I also like to bring along jewelry, especially earrings because my lobes loathe nudity.  I made all the earrings you see above and the cute clock necklace was a gift from Rimmel and an everyday accessory for me now.

Throw in some cool shades and you have the makings of the cutest darn road trip ever.  Best of all, it can all fit in a trendy beach bag so you will be travelling VERY light.  The one you see below is filled with everything, even the shoes, and is from H&M.

Last but not least, you will need some trendy tunes to hold you over on a short flight or a few hours in the car.  Below are a few of my must-haves for, well, ever and ever. I never get tired of these.  I hope you enjoyed this travelling essentials guide, leave me a comment and tell me your fave travel tips!

Happy Trails!

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4 Responses to Rimmel Challenge 7: Travelling Smart

  1. Flavya says:

    Hi sarah, You are so pretty and great post. Thanks for sharing!

  2. SUPER CUTE! I always pack too much. And I loved the makeup items! I’m going to hunt for some rimmel palettes next week!

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