What Happened to May and Clear Scalp and Hair Beauty Therapy

Hi Lashionistas! I know it has been a while since I have posted and I wanted to give you all a little insight on what has been going on for me personally.

New home duties have been plentiful since finally settling back into my hometown.  Not only the stress of getting settled but trying to get my children re-accustomed to a new place has been difficult.  I’ve had mixed feelings about the entire experience but one realization I have come to is that I love the city I am in and I never want to leave it again.

On top of that, I participated in a grueling battle with Internet providers over who was the least stupid and AT&T finally won.  I was living like a cave-woman with no Internet, T.V., and very limited phone access because the hubs and I share one for economical purposes.  Not the ideal situation for a blogger.  Add to that various forms of shipping problems with a change of address and neighbors somehow getting my mail instead of me and it was kind-of a perfect storm for blog failure.  And that is really only the condensed version of how hectic things have been without getting too terribly (and exhaustively) personal.

So, much of my blogging fell by the wayside with the exception of a couple of blog posts that I thankfully had on reserve (all I had to do was hit “publish”).  With them, my May post on what I received from H.E.B. which was a Clear Hair Therapy 7 Day Starter Kit.  Fortunately, I wasn’t all that impressed with the system and so, don’t feel too guilty about not sharing your opportunity to win a system in time for you to actually do so.

Here is what the system looks like:

Depending on how much hair you have, a system like this may not last you a full 7 days, for that I think there should have at least been 2 conditioners in the kit.  The premise for the brand is good, “Good hair should start at the source.”  However, this Shampoo is little more than Suave Coconut Shampoo with very few differences.  Of the few different ingredients you will find in Clear from Suave- many are irritating to the scalp which contradicts the basis for the entire line.

My opinion on the system is that is is not “bad” by any means- it is pretty basic when compared to most other Shampoo and Conditioner lines.  However, why would you pay twice as much for half as much product (Suave is $2 for 22oz and Clear is $5 for 12oz)?

I Hope you enjoyed my review and thanks to HEB as always for providing me with my May product!


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