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Kara’s Way is a monthly beauty sampling subscription which specializes in providing Eco-friendly, all natural, and vegan beauty and skincare products.  I read about the company on the site, Subscription Boxes, and I instantly knew that I wanted the chance to see what it was all about.  Let’s face it, with so many tempting monthly programs out there, it can be hard to decide which one’s are unique and worthwhile but an all natural subscription program dedicated to beauty does stand out.  I contacted the company and was stoked when they agreed to let me try their very first box and share my thoughts!

My package arrived today and as soon as I cut the package open, my first cute little surprise was staring at me:

Did you catch that?  Here, have a closer look:

The Kara’s way tag is actually a special paper infused with wildflower seeds that will bloom once planted in the soil and watered!  It was a very nice intro into the type of goodies packaged inside.  As well, there was a hand-written note, thanking me for choosing Kara’s Way which is a caring touch as apposed to the usual card of product names and prices.

Pictured above, all of the lovely loot that came in the very first Kara’s Way sample box!  What I loved immediately when I saw my items was that all but one of the brands were new to me.  I think one of the main appeals of a subscription program is discovering new brands to love and share with others and I was excited to see so many names I’d never seen before.

  1. La Fresh
  2. Beyond Coastal
  3. Naturelle
  4. Honeybee Gardens
  5. Native Touch
  6. Thayers
  7. Keeki

Kara’s Way is a $15 a month service which is on the upper-mid level on the price scale when compared to other boxes.  However, the polish, sunscreen, and lip shimmer alone more than pay the $15 price-tag and these are unique, natural, and Eco-friendly companies.

Overall, I am happy with the first box and I can’t wait to start testing out all of my goodies! What do you think of Kara’s Way Lashionistas? Will you give it a try?


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One Response to Natural Beauty, Kara’s Way

  1. Shannon says:

    The cucumber witch hazel…how is that? The smell and how it works? I’m curious to know. This is an awesome box, if I had more disposable income (hours have been cut at work) I’d be all over this like a fat kid on a Twinkie!

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