Rimmel London Challenge 4: Simplify Your Look

As you know, I am one of the 10 Rimmel London Ambassadors for 2012.  Every month, we receive a challenge from Rimmel to complete in our own individual ways.  My fourth challenge came this month and it asked me to simplify my look with the help of some lovely Rimmel products which were sent along with the challenge info.

We were allowed to use only primer, foundation, concealer, and blush for a week’s worth of makeup looks.  We were also allowed to wear one additional makeup item of our choice on each day (mascara, eyeliner, lipgloss, etc.).  In addition to the simplified makeup, we were asked to wear a plain Jane wardrobe to match with little to no accessories.

But, the hardest part of the challenge. the one I dreaded most, was to not add any styling products or to treat our hair in any way.  Ouch! That one hurt me because my hair is something that I am very self conscious about.  However, I swallowed my pain and stuck with it every-time I applied makeup for an entire week.  Here are the products I used:

The product I loved and appreciated the most during my week of minimal makeup would have to be the Rimmel London Match Perfection Blush.  Without it, my face lacked dimension, definition, and color.  With it, I could use the different shades to highlight, contour, and add color to my cheeks- win, win, win!

Every day I wore makeup, I would mix my Primer and foundation together and then apply it to my face.  When I mix the primer into the foundation, I get a smooth and even application of the foundation color rather than applying primer first and then foundation.  The primer was amazing at keeping my oily nose matte but not drying out the rest of my face.

The Match Perfection concealer covered up my dark circles and was long-lasting.  I got a little creasing after a few hours of wear but, nothing I couldn’t quickly touch up- definitely not noticeable.  The best part about this concealer is the application.  It has a brush tip applicator that you squeeze out of the tube which I prefer to the twist-up variety.  It gives you more control over how much product you actually use and cuts back on waste.

Lastly, I chose the Rimmel Scandal’eyes mascara and Stay Glossy Lip gloss in “Captivate,” as my extras for the week.  Sometimes I used the mascara, and other days I used the gloss and just curled the lashes.  Here are the photos I snapped during the week:

As you can see, the products worked amazing together to create a lovely and basic look that can be worn when you want that effortless look.  My skin always looked even and almost flawless (besides my freckles) and the blush gave me natural and expertly blended definition in all the right places.  I was even able to forget about my hair most days because I felt so confident about my complexion.  On the days when I didn’t feel so confident though, a big bright smile was vital!

Overall, I loved the challenge and will continue to use these products for a snappy makeup look that corrects the complexion and lasts all day.  I would like to challenge all of you to try a week of minimal makeup and hair products- inner confidence and a big smile will go a long way!


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