Getting The Pretty Back Review and MEGA Giveaway.

Is there a beauty obsessed young woman, or man for that matter, that cannot attribute some of their spirit, style, or talents (how many ways can you apply your lipstick?) to Molly Ringwald? I know I spent many of my adolescent years wishing for red hair and freckles- I got my freckles and learned my lesson about the red when I turned my black hair purple in 10th grade.

As hard as it may be to believe, everyone’s favorite angsty teen is now in her forties and, though she has left much of her image behind her and embraced womanhood and motherhood, she strives to hang onto one thing that is never attributed to an older woman, being “pretty.” As Molly explains in her book, Getting The Pretty Back,  “It’s hard to know when exactly it happens, but suddenly you notice it.  You are “beautiful,” “unique,” “handsome,” (If you’re unlucky), or “interesting.” Pretty is a word that is reserved for the young.”

But, Molly found ways to get her Pretty back and shares her thoughts and ideas about it in her book.  Not only that, there are a ton of life lessons, personal stories, style advice, recipes, makeup advice, favorite hairstyles and so much more.  This is not just a book for the Molly-obsessed, although I must admit I may fit into that category, this is a book for anyone who is stuck in a rut and a guideline for how to get yourself out.

I truly enjoyed reading this book and have taken so much away from it.  It certainly made me take a look at aspects of my marriage, mothering, fashion, and makeup in a different way.  Has a book ever made you question your choice of underwear, taught you the basics of wine,  given you insight into the life of your single/married friends, and helped you find the perfect lipstick all at the same time? If the answer is no, this book is a light-hearted and refreshing must-have!

Mega Giveaway:

I loved this book so much, I wanted to share it with you all in a very special way.  I have Gathered 23 items that remind me of my favorite Molly movies and moments plus a copy of her book, Getting the Pretty Back, to share with one of you. To enter, you need to get a little creative and a little poetic.  Write me a Haiku about how Molly has inspired your makeup, fashion, humor, or anything else that you can think of.  WHAT IS A HAIKU?? Here is my example:

Red-Headed Beauty
Taught me to apply lipstick

Perhaps this is a more difficult form of entry than my usual but it is WAY worth the effort and winner takes ALL.  Let’s investigate the evidence a little closer shall we?

All of the rules are outlined in the RaffleCopter Widget, Good Luck and Have Fun, this is my biggest giveaway yet!

Thank you to Harper Collins, Luxx Cosmetics, and The Balm for the items they provided- the Lashionistas and I appreciate it!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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16 Responses to Getting The Pretty Back Review and MEGA Giveaway.

  1. Rabia Akhter says:

    Every time a satire is written, the author has a purpose in mind that he or she is … the author considers dissolute, trying to influence the way the reader behaves, and …. it was entertaining and a bit humorous too. i can see where you are coming … more powerful to change the way people look at the world than anything else:)

  2. Samreen Salim says:

    make up loving girl
    gives me confidence to look
    beautiful always

  3. Ennia says:

    Missing her freckles,
    But I look great in all reds,
    That, her and I share.

  4. Chelsey says:

    Atypical girl
    Gets the dream guy in the end
    My teen role model

  5. Amanda Stewart says:

    Wowza good luck to everyone !
    This looks like an Amazing prize !!!

  6. Meg S says:

    She’s pretty in pink
    Makes her own dress when life sucks
    I can do that too.

    Hahaha, I stink at writing haikus!

  7. My cheeks are so bright
    that I was so right
    my sister and I almost got into a fight
    but we managed to sort things out right.

  8. Vicky Hoang says:

    Beautiful Lash Girl
    Teaches Me So Many Things
    She Is Amazing

    Hopefully you love my haiku because I tried really hard on it! :) Thank you for the awesome giveaway!

  9. allie says:

    Confused Teenage Girl
    Taught Me To Be Sarcastic
    And Enjoy My Life

    Thank You for the Great giveaway! : )

  10. angela bridgewater says:

    pretty, fragile girl
    missed birthdays and first big love
    molly made it fun <3

  11. MJ Moore says:

    We all want to be
    Our own kind of pretty girl
    Age is a number

  12. Sara Sykes says:

    So.. here it goes! xD

    I’m a teenage heartbreak
    that only wants to
    do a fashion break…
    My lovely sweet sixteen,
    with Molly between
    make life looks fun
    and not so dumb!

    well sorry for my english but I’m portuguese : o Hope you like and it’s not to long… But I just love poetry! I could write this for our and it’s about fashion and I totally love fashion so much and this book looks like fantastic! I just really wanna the book so so so so much *-* and the rest is just so perfect!! I hope I have a good chance to win : D

    thank you lashgirl for talking about make up
    I just really wanna to pick the price up! ahaha just something funny : D

  13. Such a pretty girl
    The one I wanted to be
    Red hair and freckles

    Great giveaway!!
    FB email (
    Contact email (

  14. Rachel Clyne says:

    Red hair, freckles and pale
    I too, am Pretty in Pink
    Molly Ringwald, HAIL!

  15. baabykm says:

    I will always be a young girl, living in this young world. Trying her best to seize the rest.

    AHAHHA I suck, thanks for the giveaway! :)

  16. Sadi says:

    A gorgeous teenage girl
    wants to get a dashing and handsome guy in her life
    Beautiful always :)

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