Congrats Beauty Army! You’ve Launched!

Sampling programs celebrated huge popularity in 2011.  Most of the advertising for these programs takes place on YouTube, and various blogs across the beauty community.  So, it is no surprise that on my first post of the new year, I am congratulating Beauty Army on the launch of their new sampling program- official today!

So, what makes beauty Army different from other sampling programs? Lets make a list:

1.Beauty Army Costs $12 per month or $132 per year (with 1 free month for a 1 year subscription).
2. Beauty Army allows users to choose their beauty samples monthly where as most other programs leave you wondering.
3. Beauty Army works with brands that have not yet been seen on many other sampling programs such as, Indie Lee, 100% Pure, and Chella.
4. Users get 6 samples every month- no less!

This Month’s Sample Choices:

I had the opportunity to snag one of the first subscriptions today but, I decided to pass.  The two makeup samples I had to choose from did not entice me enough to purchase and really, I am happy with my skincare routine so, it wasn’t worth it for me this month.  Next month might be another story but- that is what is so great about this site! There are so many consumers out there who have paid monthly for something that they might not even like from month to month.  Beauty Army lets you see what you are getting yourself into and gives you the power to decide.  And THAT is why I will be back to their site monthly!

What do you think about the sampling programs that are out Lashionistas? Which ones do you love and which ones would you leave?

* I am in no way affiliated with Beauty Army.

Here is another screen-shot which demonstrates some alternate choices for this month:

UPDATE: After seeing all the possible samples to choose from…I caved and bought the first month! I will do an un-boxing video for you all as soon as it arrives! Eek!

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3 Responses to Congrats Beauty Army! You’ve Launched!

  1. Kimberly says:

    The wait was definitely worth it! Can’t wait to get my samples <3 :)

    • lashgirl says:

      Well, I have a little confession to make Kimberly… After I took the survey a few more times and saw ALL of the sample choices, I finally found a combo that I really REALLY wanted- so I caved and bought the Jan edition! Yay to both of us! :)

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