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Womby Wednesday: Childbirth is Beautiful but…

Yup, that’s me Lashionistas! That’s me in my sweaty, tousled, exhausted, I-just-got-stitches-where? post delivery photo. Did I care at all then?  Heck no! I had just given birth to a considerably hefty baby and was simply proud to be alive. … Continue reading

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Snacking Healthier with Graze Nibble Box + GIVEAWAY!

  I am 8 months pregnant now and the more anxious I get over the delivery, the hungrier I seem to get too.  I’ll be the first to admit that I am a stress eater. Since this pregnancy has been … Continue reading

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GlossyBox Spoiler: April 2013 Box Will Include A…

Spoiler Alert! If you don’t want to know, leave now! But for those of you Lashionistas who are curious, here is GlossyBox‘s first reveal about the April 2013 Box. The April 2013 GlossyBox will contain a full sized TIGI Glow … Continue reading

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Womby Wednesday

Happy Hump Day Lashionistas! Today is the first installation of something I like to call “Womby Wednesday.”  In this series, I will blog about my feelings and experiences during this last stretch of pregnancy extending into the birth of my … Continue reading

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Jamie-Lynn Sigler reveals baby’s sex with Sally Hansen mani

Oh how I wish I’d done something like this with my girlfriends when it was time for me to tell everyone I was having another baby boy! But I am so bad at keeping good news a secret and had to send everyone the photos of my baby’s “junk” immediately! Continue reading

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March 2013 GlossyBox

Hola Lashionistas,  I hope you had a wonderful week filled with more beauty than ugliness! I recently received the March 2013 GlossyBox and I wanted to share its contents and my thoughts with you. Here is what I saw when … Continue reading

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St. Paddy’s Inspired Makeup Collab

Happy St. Paddy’s Day Weekend Lashionistas!  This look is part of a St. Patrick’s Day beauty collaboration with other fabulous bloggers and vloggers.  So, after you take a look at my post, please follow the links to see more fun … Continue reading

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Review: NAAT Brazilian Keratin Collection

I was recently given the amazing opportunity to test out the new Brazilian Keratin line of haircare products from nuNAAT.  I received 5 products from nuNAAT which included Keratin Daily Care Shampoo, Keratin Daily Care Conditioner, Brazilian Keratin Intensive Hair … Continue reading

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Review: (seed) Healthy Hand Cream

I was recently contacted by the kind folks at (seed) and offered a Healthy Hand Cream for review.  Honestly, I haven’t been responding to many of these types of offers lately because I am in the midst of a pretty … Continue reading

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Wedding Makeup: Ashtin’s Wedding

When my dear friend Ashtin and I met, we were goofy elementary school kids.  We had sleepovers, silly arguments about what movie to watch next, and played truth or dare.  Now, 18 years later, I am a married mom of … Continue reading

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