Get Glowing Skin for Summer with Spa Sonic Skincare System


June is Acne awareness month and I’ve got a great tool to share with you to make sure that your skin stays supple, healthy, silky smooth, and blemish-free!  I recently got the opportunity to test and review the Spa Sonic Skincare system and I am absolutely impressed and hooked for life.

Product Claims: The Spa Sonic Skin Care System comes with 1 face-and-body polisher unit you can attach to a host of brushes. You get 2 small brush heads for use on your face. The body brush and pumice stone attachments effectively remove dead skin. This Spa Sonic face and body polisher comes with a microdermabrasion sponge attachment to remove fine lines. It also helps in tightening the pores on your skin and reduces dark spots. This facial cleansing system helps in better absorption of your skin care products with its dermal penetration action. It’s safe for use on any skin type. This skin cleansing system is waterproof so you can use it in your shower or at the sink.

My Verdict: This product is true to it’s claims and so much more.  Yes, there are definitely more costly systems out there that you could spend your money on but why waste your hard earned bucks on something that works no better that this amazing drugstore version?

After my very first use, I noticed positive changes in the texture, tone, and appearance of my skin.  I even added a little of my favorite exfoliating gel to the brush and it felt wonderful, like the best in-home facial I have ever had.  Have a look at my before and after photos and decide for yourself, the difference is clear- after using Spa Sonic my skin-tone looks more even, the circulation in my face is greatly improved, and small bumps due to clogged pores are gone or greatly diminished.


Yes, Spa Sonic works great on the face but, it also works wonders on dry feet and problem areas on the body.  Use the pumice stone to smooth your heels for sandal season or, get smooth and swimsuit ready by using the body polishing brush.  Two problem areas that Spa Sonic is perfect for are the upper arms and shoulders where that annoying “chicken skin” is usually found and the underarms, where annoying lines and darkness usually lurks.  A few weeks of using Spa Sonic, and you will have the pits of a deodorant commercial model!  Long story short, I LOVE Spa Sonic and you will too!

Get this $60 set at Target TODAY for $38!!
Get this $60 set at Walgreens NOW for $49.99!!

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Baby’s First Days in Pictures

Hubby and I before the contractions got unbearable!

Hubby and I before the contractions got unbearable!

My little guy, fresh out of the womb!

My little guy, fresh out of the womb!

Mom and baby's first picture together!

Mom and baby’s first picture together!

Falling in love.

Falling in love.

Daddy and baby holding hands.

Daddy and baby holding hands.



Natural born rock star!

Natural born rock star!

I am so happy to share these special moments with you, Lashionistas! Your love and support has been overwhelming and I am so unbelievably appreciative of all of you!

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Klutch Club Mom Review and Promo Code


Hi Lashionistas! As most of you know, I will be giving birth to my third child very soon.  Because of this, I have had mommy-hood on the brain and have been looking for ways to, give myself a little pick-me-up and discover new products for my family without having to endlessly search websites, reviews, and shop around.  After all, being a mom is tough enough as it is.  This is why subscription boxes for moms and children have become my new favorite thing and I wanted to share one of my favorites with you, Klutch Club!

Klutch Club is a monthly subscription box geared toward health and wellness for those of us excited to try new products and overwhelmed when it comes to shopping around ourselves.  There is a Men’s, Women’s, Mom’s, and Best-of box.  Here is a picture of the last Klutch Club Mom box I received:


Each box is guaranteed to contain products totaling a value of $50 or more which is nice.  Many other sub companies take your payment and then do very little to ensure that you get your money’s worth.  But, for $18 a month, you can be sure that what you are getting in the mail that month from Klutch Club will more than meet the minimum value-wise.

My Mom Box Contained the following:

  • GoGo SqueeZ Applesauce on the Go
  • OWN Rejuvenating Cleanser
  • OJO Fortified Eye Care Nectar
  • 2 Packs of Surf Sweets Organic Jelly Beans
  • A 2 Month Membership to Daily Burn
  • Fresh Feet Wipes for Kids
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap
  • 2 Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Kids Herbal Tea
  • A Gift card for 3 months of Farfaria- an iPad service for children’s stories
  • Barre Real Food Barre
  • $10 giftcard to the KlutchShop to purchase the products I love directly from Klutch Club!

Talk about a JAM PACKED box! I already love my new OWN cleanser, the Fresh feet wipes are perfect to freshen my son’s stinky dogs on the go, and even my pre-teen daughter loves the GoGo SqueeZ applesauce which she shared with my toddler! Not to mention, the Daily Burn subscription is perfect for helping me shed these many unwanted baby pounds after the delivery.  I still have a few things to try out but, Klutch Club definitely delivered in quality, quantity, and value of everything in the box!

If you are itching to try Klutch Club Mom out yourself, I have an exclusive offer just for you Lashionistas! Just use the code: LASHGIRL at checkout and you will receive 20% off your Klutch Mom purchase!

Best of all, Klutch Club has an awesome rewards program so, not only will you be next in line to receive an awesome Mom Box, you will also begin to rack up Klutch Bucks which you can use to purchase products and special Klutch Club boxes!  Once I receive my first rewards program perk, I will write up a review on it.  However, from the pictures, all of the perks look amazing!

What are you waiting for Lashionistas?  Head on over to the Klutch Club site and sign up today!


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Elle Naturals Review: The Best Dang Lip Balm in Texas

Howdy Lashionistas! You all know that I love sharing my favorite products and this time, I am super duper excited to tell you about Elle Naturals Lip Balm.  Yes, I am a little biased toward this Natural Balm company based in the heart of Austin, Texas but, stick around, read my review, and see if you don’t have a hankerin’ to try Elle Naturals at the end of this review!


Ingredients: Elle Naturals Lip Balms are some of the most simple, pure, and healthy balms you will ever come across.  A quick look at the ingredients proves this: Sweet Almond oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, and no fillers or harsh irritants.  Better still, they contain just what they say they do.  For instance, the Green Tea Butter Balms contain a generous amount of Green Tea Leaf- imagine that!

Quality: Elle Naturals does not mass produce it’s products.  Instead, these lip balms are made in small batches that are carefully tested to ensure the highest quality product.

Greed-Free: Say what?  That’s right, Elle Naturals is a company that is dedicated to making an amazing, natural, and safe product without charging you an insane amount for the quality.  In fact, Elle Naturals does not charge shipping

 Variety: From plain old Shea Butter to Mango Butter with Lime to Coffee Butter French Vanilla, Elle Naturals provides a nice variety of flavors to suit every preference.


I was sent a wonderful variety of balms from the company to slather over my kisser and test out.  Every different balm has it’s own unique and distinguishable scent and subtle taste so, if you have a smell or taste preference- there is something for everyone and you won’t be getting some generic version of what the name says.  You will get a true representation of what the label says because the ingredients are so true to the names.

 Verdict: Yes, these are yummy, natural, and affordable but they are also just a really good lip balm.  If your lips are chapped and in need of some TLC, this is the perfect product to keep with you in your purse, diaper bag, night-stand drawer, or car.  I use mine everyday plus, I have one in my hospital bag to keep my kisser moisturized through all the heavy breathing and beyond.  Elle Naturals Lip Balm is most definitely Lash Girl Approved!


What do you think Lashionistas?  Will you Give Elle Naturals Lip Balm a shot and, if so, which flavor would you try first?


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Picture Collage Maker for Mac Review

Hola Lashionistas! You may have noticed in a couple of editions of “Womby Wednesday” that I included some cute collages.  This is my review of that software which I was able to download to use and review thanks to Pearl Mountain Technology.

In case you missed them, here are the two collages I created using the Mac software which I downloaded from the App Store:

baby boy collage111wombywednesday2


What I liked most about this software was how easy it was to follow.  There are a variety of fill in the blank templates that made it so simple to create stories with my images.  I would call it more of a scrapbooking tool though rather than a “collage” maker.    However, it was quite easy to save my own images from the internet and integrate them into the templates and customize them until they fit in with the theme.  The little baby feet in the heart, for instance, that you see in the bottom left corner of the first collage was an image that I found myself and altered.  You can also use the program to make your own personalized cards which is great for holidays or even birth announcements *wink*.

The software costs $20 in the App Store and available to all Mac users for 130+ templates and the free version is the #1 Free Graphics & Design App in over 20 countries on App Store.  The one issue I do have with the program is that it does not come with full capabilities.  There are many add-on theme and image packages that can be purchased separately.  However, for me, if I have paid $20 for the App, I don’t want to make any other purchases on top of that.  Other than that, I really enjoy playing with the software and I know I will come up with some really cute images of the new baby once he arrives.

If you have a Mac and are interested in giving it a shot, try it for free HERE.

Thanks to Pearl Mountain Tech. for letting me review this awesome tool!  Let me know what you all think if you decide to try out the free version! I’d love to see what you come up with as well so feel free to post your own photo collages on my Facebook Page.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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Womby Wednesday: 2 Weeks Left!

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Only 2 weeks left of pregnancy to go, Lashionistas! This means that unless my little man decides to make an early appearance, my last Womby Wednesday will fall on my actual induction date- should be exciting…perhaps traumatic?

I have a lot on my mind when it comes to adding a new baby to my family.  I guess a lot of it just has to do with hormones but, I can’t help it! Last Friday was pretty hard for me.  My doctor informed me that I was GBS (Group B Strep) positive.  And, while he did not seem worried for me, the way he explained that it was dangerous for the baby and that I would need antibiotics on my delivery date to just reduce the chances of passing it on scared me.  As well, baby boy will have to stay in the hospital for at least 2 days for observation.  Granted, I may have been GBS positive when I gave birth to my older son, A.J. but, they did not test routinely for it at my doctor’s office at the time I was pregnant with him.  I do take a little comfort in the fact that A.J. came out fine without me being on antibiotics but, I wish I could see 14 days into the future just to be sure.

I am trying to nest as much as I can but, it is a real struggle for me.  I am not the kind of mom who gets that uncontrollable urge to clean, purge, and organize before the birth.  It’s a challenge for me when I’m NOT pregnant but I am putting forth an effort.  I have washed all the baby’s clothes and separated them by size.  Likewise, all the bottles, teethers, toys, and pacifiers are sanitized and ready for baby.  I also have packed my suitcase for my hubby and I as well as a diaper bag filled with snacks so that my hubby will have to leave me alone as little as possible during our stay.  Yet, I still feel like there are a million more things for me to do and I know I will still find more once the baby is here.  I guess my goal in all the clean-up is to make it as easy as possible on whoever is helping me with the baby while I recover from the birth.

There are some little things that cheer me up along the way because, as much as I try to stay positive, I do get the blues quite often.  Here is my list of baby stuff that makes me smile:

  • Looking at baby socks.  They are SO teeny tiny!
  • Entering Mommy/Baby Giveaways.  The thought of winning something useful is a temporary pick-me-up.
  • Looking at photos of my older son when he was a baby- those days fly by so fast, it will be nice to have an infant in the house one last time.
  • Indulging my pregnant lady cravings.  Peanut butter with Raspberry preserves, Pad Woonsen, Chocolate covered sunflower seeds,  and anything with broccoli all make the cut!

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of Womby Wednesday Lashionistas! What are your thoughts? I’d love to read what you have to say!


Did you miss a Womby Wednesday? Keep up with all of my pregnancy thoughts:
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Citrus Lane

Get $10 off your first surprise box of the best products for your child! Click the photo to receive your $10 credit!

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Multi-Blogger Giveaway!

giveaway graphic2

Let’s get right down to it Lashionistas!  I’m part of a Multi-Blogger Giveaway and YOU have a chance to win some amazing prizes- woo!

Here are the prizes I am giving away.  You can enter to win them in the Rafflecopter list as: “Mega Beauty Bundle.”


Pictured above is a $71 smorgasbord of beauty items just waiting to be won by YOU!  Are you already salivating at the thought of it?  Then, wipe that drool on your sleeve and enter to win the “Mega Beauty Bundle” Here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

But, don’t stop there! Here’s a little sneak peek of some other prizes up for grabs:

giveaway graphic

Enter Now through the 30th!! Don’t forget to complete every action on the Rafflecopter App to maximize your chances of winning!  A Benefit Eyeshadow, Revolution Organics Gloss, Simple Skincare, Target Gift Card and more are waiting to be won! ENTER NOW: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for being amazing, supportive, and savvy Lashionistas- giveaways like this are my way of saying, “Thanks from the bottom of my makeup bag!”



Discover the Best Natural Products on the Planet with Conscious Box!

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Zoya Nail Polish Exchange: Earth Day 2013

It’s almost time Lashionistas!  Zoya’s Nail Polish Exchange will happen on Earth Day, Monday, April 22, 2013!


Start your wishlist now because this is a great deal on hundreds of gorgeous nail polish shades to suit you.  You will receive 50% off of your entire order and you can send Zoya your old, non-Zoya, not-so-healthy polishes in return! But, don’t worry if you don’t have anything to exchange, they will still honor your discount.

What are you waiting for? Head over to and start filling your cart- you can never be too prepared for a sale like this!



Every Month Can be like Earth Month! Join Conscious Box Today!



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Bulu Box Review: April 2013 Weightloss

Hi Lashionistas!  I recently decided to give the weight-loss Bulu Box a try so I could get a better game-plan together once the baby is out and the extra pounds are still on.  If you don’t know, BuluBox is a monthly subscription program that provides you with vitamins, weightloss, and healthy living samples.  There are even a few beauty goodies thrown in from time to time as you will see.  The plan is $10 a month but, with every box you receive, you can earn up to $6 in credit to use on full sized products or even a Bulu Subscription!

Use Code: FIRSTFREE to get your first Bulu Box for free!

Here is what arrived for me in my very first box:


  1.  Real Food Barre: A guilt-free snack created by dancers to help you replenish your energy. Made with all natural ingredients. $27.48/12 Bars
  2. 30 min HIIT Series Work-out DVD: a high intensity interval training cardio work-out featuring Fitness Pro Chris Feytag. $22.95 for Full 7 DVD set
  3. EBoost Natural Energy: A Sugar-free energy mix with a boost of vitamins for immunity health. $25.50/20 packs
  4. ONNIT Shroom Tech Sport: Natural crash-free energy supplements to help you burn more calories and shed more lbs. $24.95/30 Capsules
  5. Dr. Denese Glow Younger Self Tanning Glove: A Self tanning glove to give you a natural-looking tan without any odor or stickiness. $42.00/12 Gloves
  6. Click Protein: Two shots of espresso beefed up with protein and 23 essential vitamins and minerals. $22.99/16oz Canister

Overall, I am extremely happy with my first Bulu Box and even more happy that I will get a discount off of my subscription!  I am going to save the energy items for my husband for those late-nights with the new baby and the workout DVD, Tanning Glove, and Barre snack are mine!

What do you think of Bulu Box Lashionistas? Will you give it a try?


Addicted to Subscription boxes? Check out these other reviews:

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Beauty Army

*This post has been edited and corrected for accuracy of information*

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Womby Wednesday: Product Picks

For this edition of Womby Wednesday, I’d like to take you through some of the products thathave me excited about mommy-hood!  I’ve been in nesting mode for a few weeks now and have been obsessing over every detail of my labor, postpartum hospital stay, and baby preparedness.  Here are some of the choices I’ve made product-wise.

For Labor and Delivery:


An essential for the delivery room is lip balm.  Some of you die hard Lashionistas already know that I am a self professed “balm-a-holic” so, the lippie I bring with me cannot be just any old balm, oh no, I have high standards.

Enter, Elle Naturals, my favorite balm of the moment and my choice of delivery room lip moisturizer.  Let’s face it, all that heavy breathing, panting, and lip biting is going to take a toll on my kisser.  I chose Elle Naturals lip balm because it is made from pure, simple ingredients that are made in small batches to ensure effectiveness, safety, and quality for the user.  After all, when all that hard work is over, I am going to want to plant a kiss on the new little man in my life.  I need to be sure that what I put on my lips is gentle and safe.

With ingredients like Almond Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Soybean Oil, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E, I know what I am putting on my lips and that it will do its job.  Plus, Elle Naturals are made in Texas, just like me and my baby boy to be!

Post Partum Picks:


This All Natural Vanilla Whey from MRM is exactly what I need to re-gain my strength after giving birth to, what I believe will be, an enormous baby boy.  Athletes use this mix post-workout to help their bodies recover from all the intense activity and I think I will definitely fall into the athlete category once the birth is all said and done! This All Natural Whey provides a wonderful amount of protein and is, “nutritionally perfect, containing all of the essential and non-essential amino acids required by the human body.”


Last time I gave birth, I stayed in the hospital for three days to recover.  I am expecting more of the same this time around so, I want to make sure I have the right toiletries in tow.

I chose Sappo Hill All Vegetable Oil Creme Soap for my toiletry bag because I will need something safe, natural, and gentle to cleanse my battered body with postpartum.

Again, this is a company that makes its product in small batches to ensure quality.  Sappo Hill Soapworks even, “wire-cuts, air-dries and ages each soap cake to create a long-lasting soap for exceptional mildness.” And, Mildness is VERY important in a soap that a woman will use after having a baby ripped from her nether-regions!

Babyhood Goodies:


I know it is a little pre-mature to be thinking about baby food already, I KNOW this.  However, when I heard that a sample of NurturMe Dried babyhood would be in my April Conscious Box, I did some research and fell in love.

NurturMe babyfood comes in .46 oz pouches that make the equivalent of a 2.5 oz jar of babyfood when mixed with breast-milk, formula, water, or whole milk.  Better still, I can sneak a pouch of it into my toddler’s mac and cheese lunch, and he’ll never know that he is eating a boost of nutrients with every bite!  Best of all, no cabinets cluttered with bulky jars and containers- just a stack of convenient pouches to fill baby’s tummy.


The last items I want to share with you will come in handy immediately after I bring home baby.  Every mother of a newborn needs a stash of bath products made specifically to pamper her baby’s delicate skin.

I received this beautiful duo of Baby Bee Nourishing Lotion and Shampoo/Wash by Burt’s Bees from my sister as a baby shower gift.  The products are nearly 100% natural and, again, are made from very mild ingredients that won’t irritate that brand new baby bottom (or the rest of him).

Both products have a light, mild scent and are gentle enough for everyday use.  Plus, when the baby is asleep, I can snatch these up and use them on myself to stay baby-smooth!

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Womby Wednesday Lashionistas! What did you think of my product picks and, do you have any suggestions for things I should add to my list?


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